Комплексные решения
для медицинского
образования от
издательской группы
и партнеров

Analytical Chemistry. Analytics 1. General Theoretical Foundations. Qualitative Analysis. Textbook

Харитонов Ю.Я.; Под ред. В.Ю. Григорьевой


The textbook is prepared in accordance with the 3rd generation of federal state educational standard. The book outlines the general theoretical foundations of analytical chemistry and qualitative analysis. Heterogeneous, protolytic, and oxidation-reduction kinds of equilibrium, complexation processes, the use of organic reagents in analytical chemistry, separation and concentration approaches, extraction, some chromatographic methods, qualitative chemical analysis of cations and anions, the use of physical and physico-chemical methods in qualitative analysis are discussed. The methods of analytical reactions of cations and anions, their identification by infrared absorption spectra are characterized. Examples and exercises are provided.

The textbook is intended for university students of pharmacy, chemistry, and other disciplines that include a course of analytical chemistry.

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