Комплексные решения
для медицинского
образования от
издательской группы
и партнеров

Internal Diseases. Textbook in 2 Vols.Vol. 1

Под ред. А.И. Мартынова, Ж.Д. Кобалава, С.В. Моисеева


Presented by the team of leading Russian experts in various branches of internal medicine under Academician Anatoly Martynov, this edition of the textbook contains most current information on basic therapeutic diseases. The book provides updated information on etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of internal organs diseases. Traditional presentation of the material is based on actual recommendations of professional medical communities and most recent scientific findings.

The edition corresponds to the academic program on such disciplines as Intermediate Level Therapy and Hospital Therapy and is intended for senior students of medical schools, students specialized in General Medicine, Pediatrics, Medical and Preventive Care, Medical Biophysics, Medical Biochemistry and for clinical residents specialized in Therapy.

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