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Macro- and microscopic diagnosis in practical classes in pathological anatomy. Atlas. Tutorial guide

Цыплаков Д.Э., Шакирова А.З., Силина Е.В.


The tutorial guide offers a description of macro- and microreparations on general and special pathological anatomy studied in practical classes, provided with corresponding illustrations. The authors provide an overview of the principles of making macropreparations and the basics of histological technique and demonstrate staining histological sections and methods of histochemical, ultrastructural and immunohistochemical studies. The guide provides brief anatomical and histological characteristics of normal organs and a pattern of macropreparation description as well as the procedure of studying micropreparations. The tutorial guide contains 348 drawings, including photographs of macroand microreparations.

The tutorial guide is composed in accordance with the curriculum for pathological anatomy course and intended for students receiving instruction in English for the specialty 31.05.01 "General Medicine".

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